If You Are Left Behind After The Rapture!
     The concept of Christwatch started out as a physical bulletin board for Biblically related current events.
As the idea grew, it became apparent that the way to do it was via cyberspace. So on May 16, 1999, Christwatch.com
went online for the first time as an information center for Christians and non-Christians alike, linking sites with
information relating to the fulfillment of Bible prophecy with sites that point to their relationship to current events.
In addition, there are many links to information that can help you in your own personal Biblical studies. In the
beginning of 2019, Christwatch went off line due to finances and time. After a little over a year, it was decided that
Christwatch needed to be relaunched and brought back on line. New design and new concepts.

Please visit often because there will be updated video's from JR's Corner and as we find other great ministries or
great information that we feel would benefit your walk with the Lord Jesus, we will include them in the Ministry Links page.

And we aren't afraid to talk about the fringe stuff that your pastor won't touch!

We hope that you find Christwatch.com as useful as we do and bookmark us for frequent reference.
Watching for Christ.
Vic & John

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